MaryAnn Moss

Board Member


Associate Director

Clarinet (Section Leader)

MaryAnn has been involved with music since the ripe old age of 10! She chose the clarinet in 5th grade, and was inspired by her band teacher to push herself to play the best she could. Ever since, she has diligently worked to be first chair in every band and orchestra she has performed with.

In the Weber State Marching Band, MaryAnn was Drum Major for 3 years. She has been the clarinet section leader for many ensembles, including the Weber State Band and several All State groups. She serves as both the clarinet section leader and Associate Director of the Skyward Symphony.

Music is a huge part of MaryAnn's life, and one of her many passions. It led her to the love of her life, whom is also a member of the Skyward Symphony! They love spending time together playing music. MaryAnn also loves to hike, read, raise her two children, and walk her dogs.

MaryAnn has a Bachelor of Integrated Studies in Music, Mathematics, and Psychology from Weber State. She taught Mathematics at Sunset Junior High, but is now their Canvas specialist. She dreams of becoming a Veterinarian and is working on getting into school for that.