Jonathan T. Nish

Board Member



Jonathan is an attorney at the law firm of Christensen & Jensen. Many consider him a lawyer who happens to be a musician. However, he considers himself a musician who happens to practice law.

Originally a student of music at the University of Utah, Jonathan switched focus to business and then law. He attended Saint Louis University, where he studied his current specialty of criminal defense and death penalty law. However, his dream of standing in front of an orchestra never died. In 2018, thanks to the dedication and talent of a very special group of musicians, he was able to take the baton as director of Skyward.

Jonathan is married to his sweetheart Tara, whom he credits as being the most patient woman in the world, and without whom the dream could not exist. They are the parents of two daughters—both on musical journeys of their own. McKenzie, Jonathan's oldest daughter, plays cello at Skyward and is the youngest musician in the orchestra. Ella, Jonathan's youngest daughter, is a stage actress and studies at the Centerpoint Academy in Centerville, Utah.

When speaking of Skyward Symphony, Jonathan is always quick to acknowledge that the orchestra belongs to the musicians and, most importantly, the community that supports them. He sincerely appreciates the hard work and dedication of all involved and looks forward to many more years of making music with this amazing orchestra.